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2nd-Sep-2010 03:46 pm - The big bang theory
Boxing Cobie
Hello again,

Another tiny batch, Big bang theory this time, mostly Penny and sheldon

[12] The big bang theory

1st-Sep-2010 04:58 pm - I'm back
See ya
 Hello there,

It's been a long time since I posted something here. Probably you wouldn't even remember me. But well, I'm back. I'm back to the icon making although I need practice again. Anyway, here's a tiny batch of  How I met your mother icons I made to get back on track.

[15] How I met your mother


9th-Feb-2008 10:40 pm - Tiny batch: 8 icons
See ya
Hey there!

A tiny batch today. Just trying stuff. By the way, what an awesome episode!!!!
Well, hope you're all doing fine.

[8] Lost: 4x02 Confirmed Dead


3rd-Feb-2008 05:13 pm - I'm back!!!!
LOST: half des
Hi there!! *hugs everyone*

You probably have forgotten about me, I know...I've no excuse...except that I've been working and drawing a lot.
Anyway, Lost is back, which meas I'm back! haha. I feel like totally new to Lj and to making icons, lol. Well, I've done some of the first freaking amazing episode of the brand new 4th season just to meet PS again.

[18] 4x01 the Beginning of the End


9th-Oct-2007 01:25 pm - Drawings + Drawing icons
Gale: smile
Hi there!
I thought I'd make an update...but I only have some drawings to show you. I also made some icons of some Gale drawings. The first 4 icons were requested byjans_intentionsand the next ones I made them because I thought she might ask me to do them, haha.

[1] Hugh Laurie
[1] Gale Harold
[1] Kid
[2] Commissions

[8] Icons of 2 Gale drawings of mine

27th-Sep-2007 01:41 pm - Personal stuff
Gale: repeated
Hello there

I'm just updatig to let you know I've started on a new job, so I won't be able to make/post new stuff often.
I started working this week, and I work from 15.30 to 23.30, so it eats my whole day (I'm useless in the mornings). But I'm very happy because I love the job. We're going to make a model of our city for the International Expo that will be celebrated here next summer. It's a lot of work and it has to be done by the end of May, but I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy it! For now we're only cleaning up the place where we're going to work (an abandoned school), but once we get past the bugs and spiders and we start really working on the model, it's going to be great (I hope!)

Anyway, I'll try to keep on doing the things I like, so I might post something from time to time.
Take care you all *hugs*
16th-Sep-2007 02:45 pm - Drawing time again
Gale: repeated
Hello there again!
How're you doing? it's drawing time again =) hope you like what I'm showing this time. Less celebrities and more of my own stuff.

[3] Own drawings
[1] Gary Cooper
[1] Gale Harold (as Morrison)

[1] Commission

[8] Icons of 2 Gale drawings of mine (requested)

10th-Sep-2007 04:14 pm - More Particles of Truth
Gale: mouth
Ok, so I'm totally obsessed over this movie, so I made a second batch of icons (and I think I will make more). Most of them are B&W again, because I just love how Morrison looks in B&W. I'll probably take a pretty cap of Gale and will make a drawing too (maybe more...I've got to focus the obsession on something, lol). If you know where I can find bigger caps than the ones I found at gale-online.net, I'd appreciate the information.

So, there you go:

[21] Gale Harold: Particles of Truth.


7th-Sep-2007 08:14 pm - Gale update, Particles of Truth
Gale: smile
Hi there! you may have forgotten about me...again...lol.
Well, guess what, I changed the subject of my icons for the first time, haha. No Lost in this post sorry...I found these pics of Gale Harold and I had to do something with them. They're caps of the movie Particles of truth. Then I'm posting 3 icons of Jake Gyllenhaal I did a while ago, and two wallpapers, one of Gale, one of Jake. Hope you like them...

[18] Gale Harold +
[1] Gale Harold wallpaper
[3] Jake Gyllenhaal + [1] Jake Gyllenhaal wallpaper


16th-Aug-2007 08:30 pm - Drawing time
LOST: Des and Chalee
Hi there!

Long time since my last drawing post...hope you're not tired of my drawings. Also say I'm going on holidays for 5 days, I'll be back next Tuesday.

[1] Anthony Kiedis
[1] Yuna (Final Fantasy X)
[2] Jake gyllenhaal
[1] Michelle Pfeiffer
[1] Zachary Quinto (as Sylar)
[1] Ralph Fiennes
[1] Jude Law
[1] Joseph Fiennes
[1] Little girl

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